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Eric Ferguson candidate for State Representative in House District 63B

What’s the Big Idea?

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Precinct caucuses are February 25th. If you can’t attend, click here to get an absentee form.

What’s the Big Idea?


Long-term solutions to big problems beg for big ideas, and I’m running to provide some big ideas. I need your support to start putting these big ideas into effect. Big ideas like:

Cover the freeways to make space for housing:

Minneapolis had half a million people before freeway construction in the central cities and inner suburbs, including Minneapolis and Richfield, ripped a gash through our neighborhoods, displacing everyone who lived on the lost land. Now our core housing problem is we lack land to build more housing. Cover the freeways anywhere they were built in trenches, and the roofs become land we can build on.

Make college affordable and retain young adults in our state:

Many young adults leave Minnesota, taking their Minnesota educations to benefit other states, and college requires increasing burdens of debt, denying we don’t know how many people opportunities to further their educations. We can solve both problems by making college free, in exchange for a commitment to live in the state after leaving school.

Fight global warming with pumped hydro:

The issue with solar and wind power is the problem of producing electricity whenever it’s needed. We can use pumped hydro to store power now, instead of hoping for new battery technology to appear.

Go to the issues page for details, or if you prefer, see them in video form on the Youtube channel.
Eric Ferguson moderating DFL health care forum

Eric Ferguson moderating a DFL health care forum

the smiling Fergusons, Anne, Eric, and Hellen

The smiling Fergusons, L-R Anne, Eric, and Hellen.

About Eric Ferguson

What motivates me to run?
What makes me a DFLer?
Why would I make a good legislator?

Or maybe you’re looking at that lovely family photo and thinking “Eric’s perfect! Who needs to see more?” I say to those people, “thanks Mom!” For everyone else,

there’s more about me here.

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This is the place where I’ll post news, events, and such random thoughts I take it into my head someone wants to hear. Hmm, not sure I sold that right.

Eric Ferguson on a bike when it was way too cold

Riding a bike when it was way too cold.

Click here to contact me about volunteering or just to ask a question. What do you need to know to decide to support me?

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